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Articles about JavaScript

JavaScript is the language that powers most of the interactivity on websites and web apps. It can also be used outside of browsers thanks to runtimes such as NodeJS or Deno. This is the language I work with most of the time, although most often I write and read its statically-typed superset: TypeScript.

Upgrade scoped packages with yarn

2023-04-111 minute readJavaScript, Yarn

yarn up '*' does not upgrade scoped packages by default. This article describes how to upgrade scoped packages.

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Next.js getServerSideProps interception

2023-01-294 minutes readJavaScript, React, Next.js

Next.js can seem stuck fetching getServerSideProps result on client-side navigations. The approach outlined in the article bypasses making that network request, resulting in snappier UI, suitable for highly-interactive web applications.

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Catch rejections in every Promise chain

2022-10-197 minutes readJavaScript, Node.js

In Node.js, omitting catching a rejection in at least one Promise chain leads to an unhandledRejection event and the process being usually killed.

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JavaScript's promised convenience

2022-10-1812 minutes readJavaScript

JavaScript Promise's then function offers extra convenience. Is it harmful, though?

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